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    D865GBF or D875PBZ with 500gb sata hard drives?


      Will these legacy boards play well/function with today's large capacity sata hd's? If so must the hard drives be in a RAID configuration? I've never messed with RAID before and I'm hoping it won't be neccessary.





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          Hi, I am sorry for jumping in on your thread but I too am looking for a copy of the motherboard drivers CD. Just picked up a MB off ebay and would like to find the drivers disc. Thanks for any help you can give me. Also I have used the raid systom for years and like it very much. It is faster. If I can help you I will.


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            i am using intel D865gbf motherboard with intel pentium 4 2.8ghz and 3 gb DDR ram(2*1 gb + 2*512 mb) 400mhz in dual channel mode with


            2*500gb sata 3gb/s seagate barcudda  drives + 80 gb samsung PATA HDD and 2 samsung PATA DVD writers.


            performance i am getting is great.even though the board is very old but i get HDD to HDD transfer rates from 85MB/s to 103 MB/s.(as shown by win 7)


            i am using these drives with this motherboard for over 3 years.


            i get windows 7 rating of 3.0.(overall because of low end graphic card )


            also HDD rating of 6.2 out of 7.9 (more than average).


            i hope this helps you.








            samir yadav

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              forget to  mention, i am not using any RAID configuration.just plugged the 2 drives in two seperate SATA ports.(only 2 available).


              Board capacity is only 1.5 gb/s for HDD. i tried 6 gb/s sata 3 drive also.it also works perfectly like 1.5 gb/s and 3 gb/s drives.



              but the data transfer rate you will get will still be the same (HDD to HDD transfer 85-103 MB/s).


              1.5gb /s (187.5 MB/s) is only burst data transfer rate and you will never reach it.....:)