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    ICH9M-E/M iaStor.sys Timeout Errors


      My 64-bit Vista became slow a few days ago. The system event log is full of this error, about every 2.5 minutes:




      Much googling made me do the following:


      1. Install the latest iastor.sys (AHCI) from intel. (December 2010, V10.1.0.1008)


      2. Disable the iastor.sys parameters in the registry as per this http://www.paulscomputerservice.net/articles/article.php?ID=97


      3. Test the hard drive using a SMART diagnostic tool, got all "OK":




      4. Install Intel Rapid Storage Technology GUI, and check the diagnostics.


      intel rst info.gif



      There are no iastor parameters in the registry (renamed to parameters.bad as per http://www.paulscomputerservice.net/articles/article.php?ID=97






      SOOO, any ideas why \Device\IDE\iaStor0 continues to throw EventID 9 timeout errors?

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          I experienced the same problem as you (different chipset and drive though). Every time I booted up, the system froze for about a minute and a half with the event viewer showing an iastor Event 9 error.


          After seeing that nobody had responded to your post I decided to try a Windows reinstall. Since it is too late in the day for a clean reinstall I decided to install over the existing OS as my last attempt at solving the issue today. During the process I was told that Catalyst Control Centre had to be uninstalled before the Windows 7 reinstallation could proceed. Once I had uninstalled the Catalyst Control Centre, my reboot was suddenly error free. I have tested on a few reboots now and the error has not returned.


          Don't ask me what a graphics utility has to do with a SATA driver but for me this seems to have solved the issue. If you are using an ATI graphics card, this might be the issue. Otherwise I would suggest checking if the error occurs with a minimal safe boot and, if not, selectively disabling your programs and processes to see if one of them is interfering with iastor.


          Good luck!

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            I was rash claiming victory. Less than 24 hours later the problem has returned.

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              I am seeing the same problems for the last few months.

              I am running WIndows 7 64 bit home premium on HP DV4 2170 US laptop. The computer worked fine for about a year, and then all of a sudden did not boot compaining about drive. I had to put in a new Hitachi 500 GB drive, and did the following:


              1) Removed all the junk programs that come with the OS restore including many of the unwanted HP software such as advisor, Wireless assistant, media smart, etc. and made it bare bones with Win 7 OS

              2) Updated all possible drivers from Intel, MSFT, RelTek, HP

              3) Updated the latest BIOS as per HP site

              4) Disabled the iaStor entry from (1) to (0) as per one article

              5) Installed the latest RST driver, 11/6/2010 dated

              5) Updated the latest Intel Mgmt Engine Interface drivers


              Still, when I restart the machine, the mouse pointer keeps spinning, and I see a iaStor event ID 9 and an LMS event -1 errors


              I am frustrated that, no matter you have the latest and the greatest hardware, processor, memory, OS, and the computer doesn't give you control to do work and keeps spinning doing nothing.


              Any ideas on how to fix this annoying iaStor 9 event ID, I don't want to go into the cycle of rebuilding OS as I have already done 5 times in the last 2 months.




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                Any fixes for this nasty problems. I can't get anything from HP, Intel or Microsoft. This is really painful to not have a reliable laptop with a latest model, chip, hardware adn software.


                All pointers are pointing to INTEL as the problem.


                Any fixes from Intel to solve this problem???????




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                  I still do not have a solution to this problem, I am tired of spending time trying to fix this problem.

                  Is this Intel forum even being monitored by any Intel engineers or developers ?


                  Whats the use of the forum, if it is not monitored by the vendor ???????


                  INTEL - Wake up, smell some coffee, and fix this nasty issue ????




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                    hi... maybe this is a solution for "iastor" "event id 9" :




                    in short words : disable "LPM" (Link Power Management) in the registry by hand.


                    hope this is a help.


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                      Disabling LPM finally solved it for me.


                      Thanks a lot, anonymous!

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                        thanks a lot... but the real honor belongs to Zoork. hope "iastor" "event id 9" timeout belongs to history ;-)


                        bye... and greetings from krefeld.



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                          I finally replaced the drive in my system and reinstalled windows 7 and the latest iastor.sys.


                          I did not go to a lot of trouble to find the root cause, but my guess is that the drive was faulty or the drive firmware buggy.


                          The machine has been running fine for over two months.


                          woot woot

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                            anonymous's response, and link, fixed this problem for me, too. It's a registry hack, but it's the only solution I found after many hours. I updated drivers, flashed the hard drive firmware, and reinstalled Windows (overlay), performed a check disk operation on the drive twice, nothing worked, buit this link took care of it for good.