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    server board se7520bd2 cannot boot


      I have this board with:

      - 2 xeon sl7dx (included in the compatibility list)

      - 2sticks of 2gb of memory samsung (they are included in the compatibility memory list)

      - 1dvd

      -1 hd 20gb eide


      when I push the start button all seems to be ok check up of the dvd is ok I hear that all the fan goes the hd  starts up but I don't see nothing in the video,

      all black, I used an old cirrus vga pci but nothing to do the video is black again, no beep from board, I try to boot a bootable dvd, I used alternatively the two stick of memory.

      The monitor is always black but the computer seems ok.

      what I can do ? someone could help me ?


      many thanks