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    DH57JG : compatible SATA pci-e addon cards


      hi there,


      my m-itx DH57JG board has latest BIOS v. 0625 (12.19.2010)

      i have 2 pci-e x4 RAID cards (LSI megaraid 8808ELP and 8308ELP) and both are not detected by BIOS !! of course it works on another mobo.


      Since it seems there is troubles with pci-e compatibility on addon sata boards, i would like to ask for your success histories

      for any working solution concerning internal SATA x1, x4, x8 or x16 pci-e boards, both RAID and non RAID adapters examples are welcome.



      thank you in advance for any help.

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          Only graphics cards are supported in the pci-e slot. Please refer to the manual.

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            hello, thank you for replying,


            on the DH57JG "Technical Product Specification" :
            http://downloadmirror.intel.com/18702/eng/DH57JG_TechProdSpec.pdf , we find info about the HDMI port status :


            Table 4. HDMI Port Status Conditions


            PCI Express x16 Connector StatusHDMI Port Status
            No add-in card installedEnabled
            Non-video PCI Express x1, x4 or x8 add-in card installedEnabled
            PCI Express x4, x8, or x16 graphics add-in card installed



            as seen above, i understand that intel expects "Non-video PCI Express" cards ... to be connected !!


            Also, on the product guide :

            the pci-e port is defined as : "PCI Express 2.0 x16 add-in card connector" , again it does not mention "graphics only" ...



            it's clear that there's little information about what pci-e cards can be connected and i've found no place where it clearly indicates that the pci-e port is for graphics only ....


            so please, is there anybody who can shed some light about those pci-e issues ?


            again, many thanks for your time and help !.


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              I experienced issues installing an Orban Optimod 1101e card.  After the driver installed, the machine would no longer shutdown, but would restart.  If told to shutdown, it would hang after the "Windows is shutting down" box disappeared.  I did use a PCIe NIC made by Intel to test and had no problems with the x1 NIC, but the X1 sound card had the issue.  Orban is working on the problem, but here is Intel's glowing response:


              "Very Important Note before continuing: Engineering has indicated that PCIe sound cards on the Intel(R) 4 Series Chipset Family-based board and Intel(R) 5 Series Chipset Family-based board series are not POR (Plan of Record), meaning they were not intended to work as part of the design; they are not validated and/or supported; thus, they may or may not work."


              Crazy huh?


              I installed Win7 on a lark and that fixed the shutdown problem, but the customer's software requirement is for XP.

              Also we were using a 1U case with a riser card and experienced unrelated (to the shutdown issue) hangs running audio through the card.

              My boss determined the ribbon cables on the riser card were too long and unshielded.  He modified a few riser cables and the hang problem went away.


              But to answer your specific question, the Orban card and the Intel NIC both were recognized and installed on a JG board (actually on 17 of them).