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    DX58SO issue with recognizing a hard drive


      In essence the issue is this

      The drives appear in the Bios correctly, but at boot time a message indicates no drives are connected to Adapter 1 comes up and then the system redirects to entering the bios. with the following message


      "The system BIOS has detected unsuccessful POST attempts(s)."

      "Possible Casues include recent changes to BIOS Performance options or recent hardware changes."


      While the system will end up with 2 SSD units and the storage drive, I have reduced the system to the simplest configuration.


      The storage drive unit is a ST3100528AS 1TB unit along with a Pioneer BD-RW

      I have disabled the eSATA, Enhanced Consumer IR, Onboard 1394


      Neither the drive nor the Pioneer BD are indicated when the adapter message comes up.


      I have done the bios configuration jumper block both for configuration and recovery, nothing seems to work.


      Any help is appreciated and TIA.