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    Intel DH67CL + WD10EALX - can not install W7




      I can not install Windows 7 on HDD WD10EALX connected to Intel DH67CL on SATA-3 or SATA-2

      Run setup from setup media, after reboot I can see Microsoft logo flying as usual during boot, but this proceess endless. Reboot in safe mode stops on loading disk.sys

      I have checked installation connected to Intel DP67BA all the same. put jumper and make it SATA-2 drive again same

      connect drive as a second in a system - everything looks ok, it's working and pass all tests.

      Can it be the intel board bios problem?

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          I found the solution myself.


          I have intialized HDD on another Computer with GPT - and this is the main source of the problem.

          Windows 7 setup refused to install or work with GPT HDD

          No one software was able to convert correctly to MBR, I used: Acronis Disk Director 11 Home and Windows 7 Disk management.


          The solution was to write zeroes to the fist an last million of sectors of HDD by WD diagnoctic tool and initialize disk again by Windows 7 setup programm means.