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    question about chipset driver to intel

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          The drivers on the chipset page are the Intel generic drivers for the chipset.

          The drives posted on the board page would have been tested with the specific board and found to work acceptably with that specific hardware configuration..


          Some manufactures also modify drivers (usually minor things, but...) to work better with their specific board.


          The safest place to get any driver is from the board manufacture board page.

          If you want to use the Intel generic driver, you may be the first person to have tested it with your board and get the fun of finding the issues.


          I have never had a problem with any companys generic driver. If the board has been customized, the generic driver just won't load.

          If you have a problem, normally you can just roll the driver back.

          If the driver is required ot boot the OS, that gets sticker if it does not work.