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    Rapid Storage continously rebuilding existing raid set


      I have a X58 board with ICH10R and a RAID10 consisting of 4 x 64GB SSDs. I'm runnning W7 x64 with latest storage drivers.

      This has been really fast and stable for quite some time but a few days ago W7 stalled (did nothing on shutdown) and after leaving it running for a night I had to do a "hard" reset. Since then the Rapid Storage tool (also Matrix Storage BIOS) show the raid set as in status "rebuild" although all disks show up as ok. The problem is, that the rebuild never finishes it keeps starting over and over and I can see no reason why.

      Since the rebuild process takes really long I haven't been watching if it actually reaches 100% at a certain point, but I don't think it is. The highest number I've seen was something around 80% and in the next moment its at 1% again.

      I already left the machine running for a couple of nights with no other programs (or background activity such as AV and indexing service) running... to no extend.


      Does anyone have an idea whats going on? Does Rapid Storage write any logs where one could look up whats wrong?


      Update: Actually it *does* reach 100% but then shows "degraded" again and starts again with 0%

      Windows event log shows:

      - <System>
        <Provider Name="iaStor" />
        <EventID  Qualifiers="49156">9</EventID>
        <TimeCreated SystemTime="2011-02-26T12:03:36.161508900Z" />
        <Security />
      - <EventData>
      The error message says (roughly translated): The device \Device\Ide\iaStor0 did not respond.
      Funny thing it its still working, I'm booting from this raidset and Windows ist running and giving me access to all files, its just slow as death due to the rebuild...