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    Do you need RAID to use Intel RST?




      I have the following PC config;

      Gigabyte EX58-UD5 motherboard which has the X58 Express Chipset

      Intel i7 975 @ 3.33Ghz CPU

      3 x 2GB RAM

      850w PSU

      1 x Kingston V Series 128GB SSD

      1 x Western Digital Caviar Green 500GB HDD

      1 x Western Digital Caviar Green 1000GB HDD

      Windows 7 Ultimate 65-bit (installed on SSD)


      SATA running in AHCI mode and I do not have RAID set up or selected in my BIOS.


      I have been trying to install Intel Rapid Storage Manager but I get (system does not meet minimum requirements, it does not say anywhere that i need RAID to be active but im not sure why I keep getting this message.


      I am trying to speed up my SSD which is currently reading @ 115MB/s and the manufacturer says that it should read at 200MB/s and they suggested to install this Manager.