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    ICH10R: Force RAID BIOS to ignore drive and allow AHCI BIOS to control it?




      I have a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R motherboard which includes the ICH10R.  It allows me to set the ICH10R to IDE, AHCI, or RAID.  I have it set to RAID since I have an internal, 3+1 RAID5 array set up.  I have an additional, external RAID5 array that has a single SATA connection.  If I set the ICH10R to AHCI mode, this array (which is 4.5 TB) is recognized without any issues and is fully supported by the Windows management software.  However, when the ICH10R is set to RAID mode the drive is improperly recognized as 95.6 GB by the RAID BIOS and does not show up at all in Windows.


      Is there any way to force the RAID BIOS to ignore this drive or port and allow the AHCI BIOS to control it, similar to the way it works for optical drives?  I cannot use the AHCI mode since I need my internal array.  I've tried several different versions of the RAID OROM (,, and none of them support this external 4.5 TB array in RAID mode.  I suppose it would also be acceptable if the RAID BIOS would properly recognize the array as well, although I'm not sure whether it would work with the management software.


      Here are some details for the morbidly curious ;-)

      Internal array: 4x500 GB drives, RAID5

      External array: Promise DS4600, eSATA interface, 4x1.5 TB drives, RAID5

      OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

      Management software: Promise SmartNAVI


      Thank you in advance for any help.  I've tried multiple configurations and am out of ideas at this point.  I have other SATA controllers as well, but none of them (JMB363, SiI3132, RocketRAID) work with the SmartNAVI management software.  This is a critical feature since it allows S.M.A.R.T. monitoring of the individual drives within the external array.


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