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    DP55WG, pci-e @x8 instead of x16


      So i recently build this machine with a core i5 750, intel DP55WG and 4  Geebs kingston value ram 1333MHz. Its not running overclocked. The graphic card is a HIS 5850  icooler v turbo.

      The problem is that both the motherboard bios and gpu-z report the card  running at x8. I have seated the card in the appropriate blue coloured  slot nearest the cpu. I have checked another graphic card, a 9400 GT and that also runs at x8. My 5850 runs at x16 on an asus p5q pro.

      I have tried all sorts of measures, i.e, cleaning the contacts on both  the mobo and the card and re-seating the card repeatedly. Flashed the  latest bios for the mobo from intel's website. Couldnt find bios for the  graphic card on the net. Have even connected the sata power cable to  the mobo for extra power. None have worked so far and i am outta ideas.


      Before I return the board, is there something else I could do? because the dp55wg matches the colour scheme of my card and its a properly pretty board, very neat. Please help me out.