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    Startup up time for D510MO board




      I have the D510MO board with the BIOS 0311 and I am running OpenEmbedded linux

      on this board.


      While investigating the total startup time, I found that it takes  (from power on)

      7 seconds to the board beep,  additional 6 seconds to the Intel Logo and

      further 8 seconds to the LILO boot loader start . So total 21 seconds for the

      boot loader start from power on.


      USB boot is disabled and HDD device is the first boot device. Also,

      the SATA type is set to IDE  (not AHCI).


      In this system, no VGA display is connected instead a PCI tuner card

      (Hauppage WinTV PVR 350) which has the TV-out is used. Also no

      keyboard and no mouse are present.


      Anybody have an idea why it is taking 21 seconds for the boot prompt ?