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    DG35EC Windows 7 Slow When Using 8gb of Ram




      I installed Windows 64 with 4gb of ram and everything works fine, but when I tried to install 4 more gb of ram the system boots very slow or hangs.  The bios is updated and the 8gb appears to be working fine in the bios.  Something else I notice is that if I boot in the "SAFEMODE" the system will hang at 'CLASSPNP.SYS"  Nevertheless when I remove the extra Ram all these symptoms will go away.  Additionally I have tried switching the ram to make sure I didn't have any bad ram chips, but it doesn't matter which set of ram chips I use as long as I don't go over 4 gb.


      I have checked around and several including Microsoft insist that I need to go into the BIOS and enable the "memory remapping" feature, but I can't find this setting anywhere in the BIOS.


      In summary


      DG35EC will work great with 4 gigs, but if I add another 4 gb the system runs very slow.  I do want to note that I do have two different brands: 4gb 6400 Samsong + 4gb 6400 Hynix.



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          Hi Steve,

                       I've faced similar issue, I have the same motherboard with same problem; try to downgrade BIOS version(presuming you have the latest .118) to .113 version, only then you will be able to install windows 7 without any hassel.


                             Sadly. this motherboard doesn't have 'MEMORY REMAPPING' option.



          In regards to the last point, when you have RAM with same bus speed, you shouldn't have any problem.


          Your motherboard will work great with 8GB of RAM, just try what I've recomended.


          Please let me know, whether it resolve the issue or not.




          Thanks & Regards,


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            Hey Amit.


            This was exactly what the problem was.  I down-gradded the BIOS to 0113, put in  my new ram, and installed a clean version of Windows 7 64.  Now I have a smooth  running recording studio computer with 8 gigs of ram.


            Thanks for your support.