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    Pain in eyes and headache after I bought a m/b with Intel GMA 4500


      Yes, I know it's very rarely and suprising problem, but I actualy experience it right now.


      Ok, so that's the whole story about my troubles with hardware. I had the SIS m/b with integrated graphic adapter. The name of that chipset was sis 661FX, if somebody would be interested in. The model of monitor is LCD LG L1750U, it's quite old model, but it suited me pretty much. So, I didn't even thought to cahge it. I used on resolution 1024*768 (that was the threshold for sis integrated graphics) and with the windows parameter of refreshing rate 60 Hz.


      This winter I upgraded my computer - that's how I obtained my new motherboard. The manufacturer of m\b is not Intel, it's Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L (rev. 1.0)- but wait, who on Gigabyte forums will be interesting in answering my questions? So, I decided to try my luck here first, on Intel site.


      After buying and using my new computer case for a few weeks, I began to feel an acute pain in my eyes. I read a lot of books (as I always did) and then I couldnt even to see without a pain or just to watch a movie!


      I visited doctors, but they say, that I'm healthy. After few days, when I have to take some rest off computer work, that eyes pain disappeared. Now I have to share notebook with my wife - it's inconviniently, but the only way to get some work.


      ANd of course I installed the latest video drivers for Intel GMA and my monitor on my XP SP3 os. It didn't solve my problem. I use recommended by monitor's manufacturer resolution and refresing rate. Nothing.


      On other computers I can read and work without any health problems for an hours, but I can't do it on myne's one.


      And of course, I can bought another monitor (that I don't actually need), but what I'll have to do, if this problem will appear on new one?


      And it's worst of all, that I can't measure "the pain factore" to bring it to service! How they would repair it? "All right, bloke, here is you piece of iron, now it would work  great". And how could I check that great work?


      If somebody experienced such kind of troubles after the changing of videocard, please, reply here, how did you solve your problems???


      Thanks for your attention.