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    Rapid Storage Technology Software will not let me make any changes


      I right click and select 'run as Administrator' to start the RST manager. Everything looks fine, but none of the options described in the help file are available. E.g. Manage Volume - all I have is Rename, Disable Write-back cache and Verify.


      I currently have a RAID 0 w/ 2 1 gig HDs and a new 2gig HD.  The only option i have for the new drive is 'Mark as spare' and 'Activate port LED'.


      Is there a way to undo the RAID 0 and turn it into a RAID 1? Or can I use the 2gig drive and make a RAID 1 out of the RAID 0 and the new drive?

      The purpose of the computer has changed and performance is not that much of a factor anymore.