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    D410PT fails to boot El-Torito CD (XPE)



      I'm trying to create a diskless Embedded XP system for the D410PT.

      The process involves creating an El-Torito bootable CD (using MS tools).


      When attempting to boot the CD on a D410PT machine (with latest BIOS - v0509) the boot process fails almost immediately, displaying the message

      "NTLDR: Fatal error 1 reading BOOT.INI".

      NTLDR runas as the very first executable after the boot record, and BOOT.INI is probably read just as it starts.


      The same CD boots well a DG41TY motherboard (even though the image was configured for the D410PT - I guess the chipset is similar).


      According to the D410PT spec, El-Torito boot is supported.

      This is proven by the mere fact that one can boot the regular XP install CD.


      The major difference is that Windows install CD use a Floppy emulation (1.44 or 2.88MB), whereas the XPE CD emulates a 640MB hard drive.

      (see "Boot Media Type" on http://odin.himinbi.org/xp_cds/eltorito_extraction.html for example)


      My guess is that this is a BIOS bug.