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    Atom based hardware


      Dear friends,


      We need to develop hardware platform based on Intel Atom Z530 CPU for big customer Eurotherm company it is part of Invensys Control company. They will produce 1000pcs of boards per month. We will make whole design so I need some answers. I found to buy CPU and chipset US15W on 1000pcs at Avnet company, but they told me that there are many covered costs to work with Intel. Can someone tell me what all I need to pay, what kind of licenses, to get application notes. I need to know all costs, of course not costs of chips, I will find that, but all others. I need step by step to know what all need to me to develop one board like mini 3.5" PC based on Intel Atom Z530. If someone know please lets forward email to someone who can help me, cause I need to make cost plan and present them


      BEst regards,