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    dp55wb nic disable issue win 7 pro 64


      after nearly a year with vista pro 64, I had to do an OS reinstall, and vista never worked right again, doing a microsoft update, then rebooting undoing it, then redoing it.


      I bit the bullet and put in win7 pro 64.


      Everything is fine, but the NIC goes into error mode with every sleep and every boot.  I can turn off all sleep options, but I have to delete the nic in device mgr, do a scan for new hardware, and then it all comes back.  Not acceptable because I need a perm IP address and not dhcp.  I am not on site except when called in, and it seems stupid to try to teach non-techs how to delete the device and rescan for it.


      So, I believe it's a driver issue.  This is the driver details from device manager


      Intel PROSet Version

      Wake on Magic Packet is checked


      This pc acts as a peer file server so should really never go to sleep or idle.  I've changed the powerplan to never sleep.


      But what do I do to preserve the NIC & settings?