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    Drive shows as unformatted after RAID 5 expansion


      I had a RAID 5 array consisting of three 1.5 TB drives (total storage space ~3TB).  It uses GPT & NTFS, and it's on a Windows 2008 Server x64 machine.  I recently purchased two new 1.5TB drives and added one of them to the pool.  I used Intel Matrix Storage Manager to expand the capacity of the raid array (which took a very, very long time - 300+ hours).  When it completed, I was prompted to restart the PC in order to make use of the new space.  I did so, and now the drive is inaccessible in Windows - it claims it's unformatted.  If I go to server management and select storage, Windows properly detects the array, sees the previous partition of ~3TB as well as the unallocated space.  But if I hit open or explore on that partition (or right click it for properties), it claims it's unformatted.  It seems like I may have just lost 3TB of data!  Help!  How can I get this back / what did I do wrong (or is there a problem with the software / the drives)?