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    Manual uninstall of PROSet Wireless


      Hi there


      Does anybody have a link to some manual uninstall instructions for the latest version of the Intel PROSet wireless driver and instructions? I can't get into anything but 'Safe Mode without Network' in XP SP3 without incurring a BSOD during the login process. Hence I can't even get into Control Panel to attempt an uninstall through Installer, and Installer is not available in Safe Mode, my only possible login option at the moment. bo I need either a custom installer written to bypass Installer, or manual instructions. The install originally seemed OK, but didn't automatically recognize my 2200BG integrated device, which was a bit suspicious. Unfortunately, a reboot worked for a short time, just long enough to lose my 'Last Known Good', but then the BSOD set in whilst the the Intel PROSet tried to configure itself the first time - not a very inspiring performance! If anybody can help me with this mess I would be very grateful!