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    X25-E Concurrent Writes



      We have a short questions about the internal concurreny of writes:

      It is said that Native Command Queuing enables up to 32 concurrent operations, but how many (internal) operations can actually write concurrently.

      In a normal HD I have x Read/Write Heads so (in theory) I could perform x concurrent operations on a physical level.

      What is the theorectical and physical equivalent to this in the intel x25 e SSD




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          The X25-E controller has 10 channels to 10 independent NAND chips so I would assume 10.

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            Would it not depend on queue depth? Performance scaling stops after QD32.

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              If we are talking about concurrent as in how many operations can be performed in a clock cycle...  I would guess 10 possible operations possible.  If using toggle or double data rate NAND, it would be 20 possible operations in a clock cycle.  This is my guessing based on what is public about the drive and assuming the clock is synchronous.



              I guess it depends on how the question is framed.... Like how many IOPs do SSDs achieve in sequential reads at different QDs?  That would be a different answer...