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    Mix RAID and non-RAID drives on DP55WB motherboard


      Initially I had a dual-boot windows 7 and windows xp sytem based on a Intel DP55WB motherboard. The OSs were installed  on 2 different hdds (c: on Port2 and d: on Port3) and they were working properly. I  have added 2 1TB hdds with the intention of setting up a RAID 1 array  for data storage.


      Now I have the following configuration of SATA drives :
      Port0: dvd (e:)
      Port1: reserved for future brd (f:)
      Port2: non-raid windows 7 hdd (c:)
      Port3: non-raid windows xp hdd (d:)
      Port4: raid 1 hdd
      Port5: raid 1 hdd


      I run a patch RAIDFix (http://www.geek-republic.com/software/raidfix/#comment-975) in Windows 7, in order to avoid re-installing the os.

      In bios, I configured sata  from ide to raid,

      In Matrix Storage Manager I created a new raid volume, I selected the raid 1 type of array and the sata ports 4 and 5 hdds for the raid array.

      I successfully rebooted in windows 7. I initialized the new raid array and I created a new  volume (g:).


      The problem is that the win xp  drive (d:) dissapeared in  win 7. Both bios setup  and intel matrix  storage manager  can see it. Also, I cannot boot in win xp, and if I try to re-instal it, I get the blue screen.


      I don't even know if I will be able to see the raid disk (g:) on both  os.


      I have searched the internet for an answer. I found articles about systems with one os on a non-raid disk and 2-4 raid disks but nothing about dual boot and mix raid/non-raid systems, I would like to solve this problem before I start to use the raid  disk.What should I do?


      Thanks for any suggestion!