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    Overclocking issue(dx58so)


      My motherboard always cannot boot regardless how much base clock was added. I am planning to get 1600mhz ram but i don't want it to be wasted.

      Any solution to this problem?

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          mabye you need more watt power supply

          because you overclocked

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            My power supply is function normally.  I think the PSU has no problem .

            Here is my spec:


            PSU: coolermaster 1200 watt

            i7 950

            cooler: corsair h70

            RAM 2x2gb 1333 kingston

            radeon hd 5870

            window 7 32 bit.


            Every time i overclock it. It just cannot boot. Even with raise up of 5mhz(135 to 140) base clock, it still cannot boot.

            Anyone know how to deal it?

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              the cpu multiplier x the base clock gives you the ghz, but your ram and uncore are affected as well. If you are using a dram multiplier of  10 and you raise the bclk 5 mhz you would be running your ram at 1400 (140 x 10= 1400) which would be overclocking your ram probably beyond its abilitiy without loosening the timings or raising volts.

              Why the smackover shows the base clock as 135 I never did figure out but the true base clock is 133. The default ram multiplier is 10 (10x133=1333) so ya a 5mhz bump can cause your overclock to not work.

              For starters you could try:

              bclk 150

              cpu multi 21

              for a 3.150 ghz

              ram multi of 8 (8x 150=1200)

              uncore multi of 16 (16x150=2400) the uncore must be at least twice the ram

              this will leave your ram underclocked, but it's just a start.

              turn turbo boost off, otherwise when it kicks in the cpu multi will raise and so will everything else and maybe bsod

              This should work without having to touch any volts, if it bsod, a slight nudge on the cpu volts would be probably enough to get it stable.

              Handy link for bsod codes:



              An overclocking guide:



              Hope this helps.