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    S5000PSL dual Xeon server board BIOS update hangs at 0% done


      I need to update the BIOS on an S5000PSL server board.

      I'm booting form FreeDOS via USB and running:   BIOS101.BAT, Which warns me about a jumper, which I verified is correct, then extracts some stuff, then begins the BIOS update and hangs at:

           Updating the system BIOS...0% Done


      It says 3 min max. I left it for 1 hour. I tried 4 times, same thing.


      Attached pic shows screen at hang.


      Can't use the windows version as this is a Linux box. Can't use the "One-Boot Flash Update Utility" as that only supports red had and Suse and this is a Debian box.


      Come on Intel!!! This shouldn't be so friggin difficult. All I want is for the $#!@#%# board to sleep, which is specifically fixed in the release notes for this firmware rev that I can't install.


      I'm trying to install from the contents of S5000PSL_DOS_update_BIOS101_BMC68_FRUSDR48.zip


      dmidecode reports the current version as: S5000.86B.07.00.0079.060520071732

      The full dmidecode output is attached.


      Please let me know if there's anything else I can provide.