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    P67/H67 Chipset Fault - related to random crashes in Win7??


      Dear Intel/Community,


      Being an early-adopter of the new 2600K Sandybridge + P67 chipset cinannigans, I was suprised to see how unstable the system is under Win7 (64bit). Works OK most of the time, but once in the OS, random crashes (mixture of apps unresponding, full-on freezes, BSODs and even self-restarts) occur at random times, overclocked or not, idle or busy. So something is very unstable.


      I thought it was just the way I set it up with something or other causing conflicts, but after fiddling and testing and updating drivers/BIOS versions for days I have had no joy in curing the problem. Also, by googling "P67 random freezes/crashes" it became apparent to me that a huge number of other users are experiencing the exact same problem, even on completely different motherboards & setups.


      I have a Gigabyte P67 UD5 mobo, and my OS hard drives aren't connected to the acclaimed faulty SATA2 ports (using dual WD Raptors on RAID 0 on the SATA3 ports), only a media drive (rarely accessed) and DVD drive (rarely used) are connected to the SATA2 ports, so could there be something else wrong with the chipset other than the bio-degradable SATA2 controller? Intel, have you kept something quiet?


      Anyone else experiencing these problems? Maybe Windows 7 badly needs a service pack?




      OS: Win 7 64bit

      CPU: i7 2600K Sandybridge with H70 hydro cooler (runs at 20-40C most of the time).

      MOBO: Gigabyte P67 UD5

      MEM: DDR3 1866Mhz Corsair 8GB (4GB x 2)

      GFX: 2 x MSI Geforce 460 GTX 1GB SLI'ed
      SOUND: Xonar D2X PCI-E
      HDDs: Dual WD Velociraptor 600GBs on RAID 0 SATAIII on SATA3 ports, old WD Caviar 250GB SATA1 on SATA2 port
      OPTICAL: Bog Standard (but brand new) Samsung DVD-RW on SATA2 port.