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    Intel DG43NB: Installing non-video PCI-e 16x SAS expansion card


      Good day!  I'm running the Intel DG43NB motherboard in a home file server.  I'm looking to install a non-video expansion card into the PCI-e 16x expansion slot.  I'm looking at either the Intel SASUC8I or the Supermicro AOC-USAS2-L8E.


      I have read the motherboard documentation, and it sounds like either should be supported.  However I am concerned about one of the sections of the manual, and it reads as follows:


      Table 4. DVI Port Status Conditions


      PCI Express x16 connector status
      DVI Digital
      port status
      DVI Analog
      port status
      No add-in card installed
      Non-video PCI Express x1 add-in card
      PCI Express x4, x8, or 16 add-in card
      ADD2 or MEC card installed


      Now, my server is a headless server (power + network), but on occasion I need to access the physical video port.  Is the above table saying that ... if I install a non-video expandor card into the PCI-e 16x slot which is greater than PCI-e 1x, I will lose the onboard video capabilities?


      Also, as a side question, if anyone knows whether or not this PCI-e 16x 2.0 slot supports interrupt 19, that'd be great!  (apparently interrupt 19 support is required in order for the SAS controller's BIOS to function)


      Thank you,