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    DH55TC Motherboard will not start


      I have a new Intel DH55TC motherboard with a i5-650 processor and 2 X 2GB Crucial DDR3 memory modules. It will not start up fresh out of the box.  I get no VGA and no start beeps.  Fans run and the green light glows on the MB.  If I remove the memory I do get the 3 beeps but still no VGA.   I removed the MB and put it in a new case with a new power supply and different memory with the same result.  I also tried resetting the bios.  I have 2 other PC’s with the same exact setup that work fine.  I don’t have a spare processor to try but I think it is likely it is the MB at fault.  I have not had good luck with the DH55TC since I had another one with a different problem replaced.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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          I also facing the same problem with DH55TC.  Hope DH55TC is one of the failure models.  The very first day itslef my system got problem with same issue.  Then the dealer replaced with a new one.  After one month the new one got the same problem.  Then the dealer sent the mohter board for warranty.  After waiting 45 days I received a new DH55TC by replacing the old one.  Then it was working arround one mounth with out problem.  Now again it is showing the same problem.


          So I am thinking of throwing away this DH55TC and would like to go for ASUS Motherboard.  ASUS has better feedback comparing INTEL