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    DP43TF issue with PCIE USB3.0


      Hi this is my system spec


      CPU :Q6660

      Motherboard : Intel DP43TF

      RAM : 4 GB

      OS : Windows 7 32 bit


      I recently purchase a Cliptec PCIe USB 3.0 ( NEC Chipset ) http://www.cliptec.com/asia/product_red/rzp450.html and fix it inside my motherboard, everything went normally and the hardware detect flawlessly. BUT the new usb3.0 port cannot detect ANY device. This is what i did thus far


      1. Updated BIOS and Chipset software for my DP43TF

      2. Trying various other drivers for my pcie usb3.0

      3. Trying diffrent pcie slots , which only 2x of them , both failed


      None of these work , so i try the card on my friend's system and it work n detect normally! So i assume it gotta be something wrong with my system. Any ideas? maybe update? patch? or DP43TF Chipset P43 are not compatible??