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    Matrix Storage Manager hangs system after completion disk verification ?


      System configuration is Vista Home Premium 32b SP2, DS58XO board, 4 500MB WD Black Caviars, RAID5, Version MSM


      The system worked flawlessly for almost two years now.


      Running Desktop Control Center DCC crashed the system a couple of days ago when I overclocked to its limits.

      Got a nice blue screen and hit the power button.


      Afterwards problems began.

      After disk verification or forcing disk verification to end and closing down Matrix Storage Manager, one minute later (varying a little) the system freezes up completely.

      If I leave the Matrix Storage Manager open or minimized, all continues to work fine even after verification !!!

      When I close it subsequently the system hangs again !!!

      Never a freeze when verification is in progress.

      All disks are OK and RAID volume is OK after verification process.


      Ran Norton360 Registry cleanup.


      Reflashed with most recent BIOS for the board (using ExpressBIOS, perfect). Same problem persists.


      Re-installed Matrix Storage Manager and checked on IAANTMon.exe service.

      Replaced that file.

      Driver iaStor.sys is there - did not dare to replace this one though.



      .NET 3.5 was damaged somehow after the first crash (needed for DCC whch I removed).

      Re-Installed .NET3.5.

      Re-Installed DCC.

      DCC works fine, but RAID problem persists.


      I gladly accept suggestions to root cause this one!