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    Intel 6 Series with 2279 Driver - stopped responding and has recovered


      I just built this system with an H67 based motherboard and the new Core i5-2500.  I use the onboard Intel HD Graphics 2000 with the driver and the experience is miserable.  My Media Center video and desktop graphics  seem to be fine.  The problem seems to be with web browsing.  I have tried Chrome, Firefox, IE8, and IE9 RC and all do the same thing.  I will be using the browser and suddenly, the content within the page frame of the web browser pixelates, then within a second or two the screen goes black, then is comes back with the bubble stating that the Driver Stopped Responding and has recovered.  I have found one page that really seems to trigger it.  If I go to this page: http://www.broadbandmap.gov/technology


      and turn on all the different broadband technologies shown, then zoom a bit and drag the map around briskly, it crashes the graphics driver every time.



      Windows 7 x64