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    Intel ethernet problem on 2008 R2 core


      Dear All

      I have the following issue with windows 2008 R2 core.

      We had installed on IBM x3850 x5  tow Intel PRO 1000 PT Quad port ethernet addaptes. Everything worked fine.  We decide to install another one same adapter,  after the installation, on device manager all 4 ethernet ports of the new adapter was shown with the correct name of the device as the other 8 ports from other 2 ethernet addapters. But these 4 were with yellow exclamation mark. On properties of the devices saying that cannot load driver for this device with error code 31. We uninstall intel drives and reinstalled new drivers. After doing that, only 5 from 12 ports was working(2 from first adapter, 2 from second addapter and one from third). We decide to remove the third addapter and uninstall and reinstall the drivers again

      PROWinx64.exe, after doin that only 2 ports(1 from first addapter and 1 from second) from both 2 addapters are working now, the other 6 are with same  yellow exclamation mark. Very strange behavior any time we install and unistall intel drivers  another port working and another dont. Local area connection number(now it reach 46) is growing any time we uninstall and install the same intel drivers.We also replace these addapters with new one, but the same behavior. Any help would be apriciated. I forgot to mention that this is a hyper cluster node.
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          Because everything was fine before adding an additional four ports, you might be experiencing a lack of system resources for I/O mapping. Or you might have an issue that is related to the particular PCIe slot where you added the new adapter. You could also have an issue where the BIOS cannot handle adding the system mapping needed for that many devices. Updating the BIOS might help, or it might not help.


          You can find out if the issue is related to one of your PCIe slots by removing one adapter so that the system is working normally, then move a working adapter from the old slot to the new slot. If everything still works after the move, then the issue is not with that one slot. If the issue is compatibility with a particular slot, then you can always look for any BIOS settings for that slot and try different settings to try to make the adapter work. There might not be any available BIOS settings for the slot.


          If the issue is not slot related, and you are running the latest BIOS, then there are still things to try. If the problem is a lack of system resources for I/O mapping you might find that adding a dual port adapter to a working configuration will work even though adding the quad port adapter did not. 


          You might also be able to make changes in the BIOS to free up resources. I remember that some servers have BIOS settings to disable the option ROM for I/O slots. Unless you are booting from a remote image, disabling the option ROM for your I/O slots will free up system resources without negatively affecting the operation of the server. If you do not have that option, then we have a utility that might work.


          You should read the IO Util Tool blog for information about the utility. Download the Administrative Tools web pack to get the utility. I recommend trying everything else before running the utility. However, if nothing else works, and you have a system resource issue, then the utility is a potential way to get all those ports working on your server.


          I hope this helps. Please post back with how you resolved this issue.


          Mark H

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            Dear Mark,


            Thank you for reply.I tryed moving the card to other slots with no luck. As i have already mention on my post i have remove the card i added, and now not working all ports of the cards that before was working. The first think i also thought it was about rsources, but i am alsmost sure is not about resources. This is an 3850 x5 server that use the UEFI bios which eleminate the resource problems. There are no option on bios for resourses. I have updated all firmwares also. After many research i think it is something that doesnot work right with 2008 R2 core and ethernet drivers, and i believe that if i reinstall windows core will solve the problem or if i had the full installation from beggining i wouldont had this problem. I have read  these 2 posts about my problem. I will try the first one and then i will reinstall windows which is not what i want to do as these are 3 prudoction hyperv cluster servers. This is first post:http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/winservercore/thread/ed169aa4-ced0-448b-b5ed-077aa56e6820

            This is second post:http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/windowsserver2008r2general/thread/6b0a7612-707e-4c3c-88ac-64f9a6dcdfc4


            If you Mark can suggest something about driver installation it will be appriciated. Monday i will try all these and post again my results.


            best regards


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              After following the procedure described here by intel: http://www.intel.com/support/network/sb/CS-029916.htm?wapkw=(manual+uninstall)


              The server could not start even in safe mode so could not restore the registry which i backed-up before doing this precedure. Dont follow this instruction if you have the same configuration with me.

              I decided reinstalling windows 2008 R2 Core and all ethernet cards working ok now. I have open case with Microsoft as there  are another 2 nodes that this card must be installed and i do not want to rebuild the whole systems again.