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    Unknown Device HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8086&DEV_2803



              I have an unknow device on the Device Manager. Every time I reboot the computer I get the  “Found new Hardware” wizard.  The only way to get rid of it, is to  disable the unknown device on the Device Manager. I’ve tried uninstalling it, but it  always comes back. If I allow Windows Update to look for a driver, it won’t find  any.

                The properties window  tells me my device ID is:


      And: Location 65535 (Internal High  Definition Audio Bus)


        After  reading several posts on different forums, I found this info:

          Device Id   Chip  Description    Vendor Id        Vendor  Name

          0x2803        pipi                       0x8086          Intel Corporation


      Anyone knows what this  is?

         Thank you!


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          i had same problem,

          i had ghosted a scenic onto an esprimo and four drivers were different:graphic, Lan, the one you have missing and the HD audio was partially missing or corrupt.

          i checked on pcidatabase and found some info but not enough.


          even though the pcidatabase site was saying it was an intel driver, after i installed the realtek hd audio the unknown driver issue went away.

          turns out it was the ' intel high definition audio HDMI service ' driver which is bundled with the realtek hd audio.


          go to the manufacturer site for your pc and download the hd audio and/or chipset drivers.

          hope this helps