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    When will Intel release B3 stepping (fixed) revision of DP67BG ?


      And how can we tell that the retail box is indeed a B3 stepping board? In wake of the sandy bridge SATA fiasco, I have held off buying this board until I know I can purchase one with the fixed stepping.

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          Really? Not one response from intel? Other board manufacturers have announced or are already SHIPPING B3 stepping boards with Intel's own hardware yet this question's only response has been the thunderous sound of crickets chirping...

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            This site isn't very helpful and I never see any Intel tech's on here helping anyone.  I am not too surprised that we aren't hearing anything  from Intel about when the new B3 boards will be available.  Today  (3-2-2011), Asus has replacement boards ready for their customers.  When  are we getting our boards????  I also have a DP67BG and it's my first  Intel board.  I have had boards from MSi, ASUS, Abit (may they rest in  peace!!) and Biostar and I find the Intel board to be of lesser quality  and I will never buy another one.  I will sell my replacement board and  get an ASUS board instead.  It's a shame too.  I was really hoping the  Intel board was going to be a great board but the latest BIOS update  lessened the ability of the board to overclock. It looks nice and pretty  with all the LED's and the Skull lighting but that's the only thing this board has going for it.  They make fabulous CPU's but the motherboards are lacking.

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              There are a few Intel folks who frequent the forums, but the community forums are intended as a free user to user interface to assist with issues.

              The Intel support team can be contacted here: http://www.intel.com/support/feedback.htm


              (Also, the Intel folks who do frequent the forums try to say nothing if they don't have information to covey.)

              Your distrubutor from whom you bought the board(s) should be able to get your RMA set-up.


              http://www.intel.com/consumer/products/processors/chipset.htm is the official information update.

              Q: When can I order production units of Intel®-branded desktop boards that use the B3 stepping of Intel® 6 Series Express Chipsets?

              A: Requests can be made through the normal order process now. Production units of Intel®-branded desktop boards based on B3 Stepping of Intel® 6 Series Express Chipsets will start shipping by February 25, 2011.