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    DP45SG not posting, freezing during bootup, working for 2 hours




      I've been working for more than a year now with an Intel DP45SG in the beginning everything worked fine lately i've been having

      strange problems:


      I installed windows 7, everything worked fine, working all night long, didn't turn the computer off over night, next morning it was

      frozen. So i resetted the computer, computer not posting. Turn the power off, waited 5 minutes, turned computer back on, now

      freezes during post.


      On the next turn i was able to enter the bios, but freezes here. After waiting longer, 2-3 hours the computer booted normal again.

      Than i shut it down and haven't been able to boot it normal.


      Other Hardware, Processor, Memory, VGA Card seems to function normal on a different mainboard. My guess, defective mainboard.


      Don't remember where or when i bought the mainboard or till when i have warranty, any way on how to find this out?


      Or does somebody has another guess on what's wrong with my computer?

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          I have the same board, and had exactly the same issues when upgrading to Win 7. After struggling for hours, I finally had a solution. I flashed my bios to the previous version:


          BIOS Update [SGP4510H.86A]


          And after a successfull flash, continued to flash again with the latest BIOS,


          BIOS Update [SGP4510H.86A]


          Thereafter, everything worked SUPER for me, I hope this will help you too.


          When you download the bios.exe file to your desktop, right click on it and select 'troubleshoot compatibility', then click on start program (do not close the compatibility screen when the update starts, just leave it open in the background), once it has finished, click on finish still without closing the compatibility screen. Once booted into windows, repeat the same procedure with the latest BIOS. If you do not follow these steps, your computer will say "successfull flash" but if you look at the bios, nothing has changed.


          Best of luck to you.

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            Thank you for your answer/solution.


            I will try to do this, the only problem is i've not been able to boot the system anymore, maybe it

            will work again tommorow when i come back home and than i will try.