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    removeing raid1 from secound harddrive


      Hi! needing some help here, i have an HP runing windows vista with 2 hard drives first one a 325 GB the seound a 375 GB,so what i did was on drive #2 i made 2 partitions first partition was for 100 GB this i formated with NFTS witch i am thinking is more then i need for seting up a RAID 1 as backup for drive #1 the remaining 275 GB partition was left  raw not formated. the thought was i could use it in other ways, soooo the setup all went good or so i thought it did. i was thinking i could open dist managment to check it all out but  drive #2 will not show.guessing i should have covered more on the Intel Matrics Storage Console. anyway i am not wanting to use a 375 GB harddrive most of witch is not formated yet, as RAID 1 for drive #1  thats overkill. I am unable to access drive#2 form the Matric Storage  action bar for information... My plan is to or what i am wanting to do is take drive #2 and wipe it clean,and use other ways to back up drive#1...Can this be Done?  please help