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    1.7 update


      My system is running fine is there a need to upgrade to the lastest firmware?

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          From the release notes:


          "This firmware revision fixes enumeration and slow-boot issues on SATA 6Gb/s controllers, adds improvements to S.M.A.R.T. attributes for more accurate reporting of drive health, improves NCQ capability, and fixes possible drive hangs when reading S.M.A.R.T. self-test log".

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            Hey thanks redux I had already read that so I guess I will update just to update I always like to keep things updated. If there are any issues when I do update then I will be posting again. Thanks again

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              Well I just updated the firmware all went well.One thing I did notice is my media wearout indicator is 100 and when I got the drive new it was 99

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                I just intalled an x25m 160gb ssd and it's running great;  but when I try to update the firmware it says "no intel ssd found or disabled"   What do I do now?

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                  You need to tell us what your PC configuration is, such as mother board model and what interface you are using for your SSD before we can offer any assistance.

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                    Set SATA Mode to IDE (or Compatibility).  Apply update and then restore the mode.

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                      Just installed the firmware update on my 80 gig and 40 gig ssds. Was easy and worked well.

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                        skline00,  Sounds good, but just for our information, was your 40GB SSD of the new 'V' line of SSDs?

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                          I just wanted to add that I have an 120GB ssd and a 80GB ssd for storage and the firmware update found them both no issues.

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                            I have intel 80GB G2 (SSDSA2M080G2GC) and firmware : 2CV102HD (info from Intel Toolbox) . Do this 1.7 update apply to my SSD ??


                            Before update do I have to change from AHCI to IDE in bios ??

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                              Yes and yes. Download the firmware ISO and burn it to a CD/DVD. Set your BIOS to IDE and make sure the cd-rom is the first boot drive. CAREFULLY follow the directions and it will update. Good luck!

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                                As always, the user guide for this firmware update should be read before performing the update, it is available from the same page as the firmware update file itself.


                                Some other information:


                                The download file must be burned to a CD as "ISO image", which is not the same as a simple file copy.


                                The SSD(s) involved cannot be in a RAID array, you can temporarily change to IDE mode in the BIOS, not by the RAID software, and back again when done.


                                Some but not all PCs are required to be in IDE rather than AHCI mode.  I ran my firmware update in AHCI mode and it worked fine.  Some PCs that must be in IDE mode are listed in the user guide.


                                The SSD must have password protection turned off during the update.


                                Don't forget to change the boot order to your Optical drive for the update to run.  The PC must be started from a cold/shutdown state, with the firmware ISO image CD in the drive.


                                All this info is from the firmware update user guide.