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    X25M (80GB) failed.


      My X25-M (80GB) failed this morning while I was installing SP-1 into Windows 7/64-bit. SP-1 became available to Microsoft TechNet  subscribers yesterday and the hashes were correct on the download.


      At the first reboot after the distribution files are copied the computer hanged hard during POST immediately after the SATA controller was identified and before any hard drives were enumerated.  The SSD was installed at port0. There was no error message. 


      Powered off and disconnected the SSD's data cable.  On power up, POST completed normally and the machine subsequently booted from a bootable CD. Replaced the SSD with a conventional drive and Windows 7 SP-1 installed normally.


      I suspect it's RMA time for this particuar device, but was wondering if there is something else I might try, first?



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          The previously working SSD just happens to fail during the OS install?  That is too much of a coincidence to me.


          Attach the drive to an existing system, update the firmware and do a secure erase.  Then try again.

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            Well...that seemed to have brought the drive back to life, but I still don't have a clue as to what happened.  I've seen my share of drives that were so hosed that the BIOS wouldn't recognize them, but this is first time I've had one that actually caused POST to hang hard. 


            Anyway, it's back. 

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              Well, I downloaded and installed Win 7 SP1 on my Intel G2 80 GB SSD, along with some other updates, and it all went fine, no problems at all.


              I later noticed that I had 920MB of "SP1 backup files" on the SSD, which I kept around for a day or so, but then deleted them, and ran the Toolbox Optimizer.  So besides a heavy duty TRIM-athon afterwards, all is well in my SSD world.  rbmorse, I hope your SSD, and you, recovered.