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    Unable to install RST driver on Windows 7 x64


      I'm unable ot install the Rapid Storage Technology driver on Windows 7 x64 (board is Intel DP55KG). The 8.9 drivers work, the 10.1.x driver doesn't. When I try to install the driver/software it takes a very long time when trying to install the driver file itself and then an error pops up.


      The log IntelIRST.log shows the following error:


        Installing C:\Windows\Temp\IIF2\Drivers\x64\iaStor.inf
        INF = C:\Windows\Temp\IIF2\Drivers\x64\iaStor.inf
        Execute command: C:\Windows\Temp\IIF2\x64\Drv64.exe -driverinf "C:\Windows\Temp\IIF2\Drivers\x64\iaStor.inf" -flags 20 -keypath "Software\Intel\Difx64"
      DriverPackageInstall error 0x5B4
      IIF will NOT initiate reboot
      Exit code = 0x5B4
      ResultCode = 1460
      <<< 2/15/2011 22:24:33:337


      The BIOS of the board is up to update (Raid controller version is