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    DQ45CB. Double DVI - problem.


      I have a dq45cb motherboard. If I connect two monitors (obviously, both by DVI) I stay blind till Windows shows me welcome screen. I can’t see BIOS, boot up menu, etc. PC is working properly, I can do steps (like BIOS settings) blind. When driver turns up 1280x1024@60 mode, monitors show me the picture. And it doesn’t matter if monitors are turned on or turned off while boot up. Only if I disconnect (just unplug the cable) any monitor, everything seems to be ok. I can see my BIOS and so on. In BIOS screen video mode is 800x600@60.
      So, each one of the monitors (SyncMaster 940b) works fine, but they don’t want to do it together.
      PS:I have to make users be able to select OS to load. I can’t do this.

      HW:DQ45CB(Have updated BIOS today - CBQ4510H.86A.0127.EB), SyncMaster 940b - DVI x2, (win7).

      So, can anyone help me? Any suggestions?

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          Any ideas?

          Little issue becomes a big problem. I get really disappointed in this mb

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            I am not sure if this would fix your problem but you are not running the current bios. You show version 0127 the current is 0129. You might also check if your video configuration is set to auto try setting it to primary video adaptor Int Graphics (IGD).

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              Sorry I forgot to mention I am using the vga adaptor on one monitor, and I see the post on both.

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                According to release notes of bios v. 129 there is no video fixes and graphics fw version is same of 127. (but i'll try) I have tried to set settings either auto or IGD, there is no changes. So, can i configure this mb to work properly with 2 DVI monitors or not ? Using hardware (such as a vga cable and DVI adaptor) is possible but undesirable way. In fact, i've already bought a lot of such mb's. I expected to use possibilities of two monintors without making any hw. changes or using third party solutions.