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    ICH10R RAID 5 "failed"


      I desperately need help with getting my data back. I had a RAID 5 running with 3 hdds (including Windows 7 system disc) on a Asus P5Q Pro, that's a Intel P45 chipset with ICH10R.


      What happend ...

      ... is that one drive was reported "missing" and the raid got into "degraded" state but a few moments later my system crashed. After reboot, it was reported as "failed" and "not bootable". I think the mainboard is broken.


      Status quo

      -Windows 7 is now running on another hdd.

      -I checked the drives and they are all fine, no SMART-Errors etc. Only two of the member discs are left, I deleted the data on the disc that was reported "missing" in the firstplace.

      -I got a fourth drive of the same type. Its possible to mark it as a spare-drive, but of course without any usefull effect.


      What I need to know is ...

      -I read that it is possible to reset the raid to normal state - but I can't figure out, how. There's no option for this.

      -I just need to copy the remaining intact data to another drive so I would be already happy if I get the two remainig drives to work as "degraded".



      ps - I'm German, but of course all spelling mistakes and wrong terms are intentional