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    Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG connection problem


      Dear Support team,


      I have an laptop (DELL Latitude D630) with an  Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network card. The connection is unstable the ping statistic is always around 15 % loss (pinging the AP ). I am using my laptop in various places (in my village there is only two wifi devices my AP and my laptop) and the situation is the same the ... the connection is unstable.

      I have the latest driver install form Intel version:

      We are using at my company a lot of laptops like this and I am getting daily escalation regarding this problem.

      The dell support has already change the mother board and the wifi module but the situation is always the same.


      the OS is windows 7 32 bit


      Please help me.





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          I have the same kind of problem.


          Only laptop is Dell D620 and WinXP. Have no idea!

          Pinging different AP-s gives the same result: some 3-5% packet loss. Trying other computers - no lost packets. Trying same AP over cable connection - no lost packets.


          Verry annoing!


          Reg, Abucho

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            Exactly the same problem here:


            - Dell D630 with Intel 3945ABG

            - Win 7 32bit

            - Latest driver from intel

            - No problems what so ever when using ETH NIC directly


            When using wifi, I get constant 3% packet loss. Symptoms go so, that every 10 to 20 sec's the ping starts to grow (regardless if ping'ing to local network IP or server in the internet) and then there is complete halt. During that time all network activity stalls. Funny thing is that all the VPN and SSH connections do keep alive; halt is usually 3-5 secs. But it makes using SSH or remote Citrix sessions like eating gravel. Not so nice.


            I tried this now with four different WLan AP's, with or without any security settings etc. So this is spot on problem just in my PC.


            Any tips from here would be greatly appreciated, before I finally throw this laptop in the sea.