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    Need driver for PCI Simple Communication Controller


      I've searched high and low for this thing and can't find it.  I did run an update on the chip set drivers version but it didn't fix the problem.


      I changed my hard driver from a WD Caviar Blue 500GB to a WD Caviar Black 1TB if that is any information that will help.


      The information on it is PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_29A4 &SUBSYS_OCEF105B&REV_02

      It's an Intel G965/P965 chipset- Host Embedded Controller Interface (HECI) driver

      I checked the Acer Website but they don't tell which driver is for what.  (They are such helpful people,)


      I don't want to just start loading my new system with all kinds of drivers I don't need.   Any help would be appreciated