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    Intel Core-2 Quad (Q9650) vs i3, i5, i7


      I am not able to determine which processor or family is older or newer.

      Is the  Intel Core-2 Quad later than the i series or is the i series newer than the Core2 Quad?

      I tried to get a comparison but was not savvy enough to figure it out.

      Can someone give me a brief primer on the differences as well as which one, Core 2 or i series is faster and most likey to be more suited for some stepped (mix of multi tasking office work and some simular use) up home use.

      Leaning toward the Intel Core 2 quad Q9650 3GHz Socket 775 Processor BX80569Q965, don't necessarily want to fall to far back if it is not a member of the newest family (and I admit I don't really know what is the newest).

      Going in a DP43BF MoBo because of versatility.


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          Well you can't use any of the I-core 7 , CPUs with that Mombo , So the Q9650 is your choice. because the board is a 775 socket and the Icore 7 s will not fit that socket .

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            The core 2 is the older of the products mentioned, with the i series being the newer technology, though I wouldn't venture into the 2000 lineup, which is the newest and you can't buy a motherboard right now for them anyways due to the recall.

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              I think the Doc already has his Motherboard .

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                Oops, missed that one!!


                In that case, that mobo won't work with the i series.  The i series uses an 1155,1156, 1336 sockets and are the newer of the two technologies.

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                  I'll tell you Cowboy with all I've read about these SandyBridge RE-Calls , I think I'am going to stay with my X48 & Xeon , until they get the bugs worked out.

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                    It's very detailed in the other thread how I feel about the whole situation.  It just plain stinks.

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                      Actually I have not actually purchased my board yet. I have pretty much decided that the DP43BF is the right choice for what I need. It allows me to go forward and yet retain many of the features my current board offers, generally that being a max number of pci slots for things i currently use and don't want to give up.
                      I was about to place orders for all the components when I realized I had one last shot to get it all right i.e. the max in board capability and a fast processor, I was not sure of the latter because I knew nothing about the i3, i5, and i7 processors. Which is why I asked the question. As it turns out I could not find an Intel board that better matches the features I want [need], and that naturally ties me to the Q9650 processor.


                      At least I now know the i series is newer if not better.


                      What is the SandyBridge Recalls and ........wouldn't venture into the 2000 lineup reference all about? I hope the Q9650 is not related to the references SandyBridge or 2000.


                      I would like to think I have created a package that will be strong.


                      Not a power user just a lot of multi tasking and fly a couple RC flight simulors. Not looking for all the latest bells and whisles, just looking for a solid work horse that will pull the wagon


                      This system will be replacing a D850MV with 1.9 processor and 1 gig of Rambus mem.


                      And, thanks for everyones comments both Both and the Cowboy.


                      Please respond to the significance of SandyBridge and 2000 comments.



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                        Without getting into it too much as there are a bunch of discussions on Sandy Bridge that I have already been very vocal in:


                        Sandy Bridge is the codename for Intel's latest line of processors.  The 2000 series, ie the i5 2500k and the i7 2600k, though there are many,many more.


                        The recall that has been issued is not on the processor, but on the motherboards, more specifically the Sata  2.0GB/s ports that are controlled by the "CougarPoint" chipset.  This chipset is the cause for the recall as it deteriorates and breaks down over time and causes read/write errors and will eventually cease to stop recognizing any drives plugged into these ports.


                        The new Sandy Bridge processors use an 1155 socket and every 1155 socket motherboard has this CougarPoint sata chipsets.  All of these boards have been pulled off of the market so while you can buy the processor, you can't, and won't be able to buy a motherboard for this processor for several months.


                        Most low to mid range boards (the majority of the market) only have 2 sata 3.0GB/s.  Intel's work around for those who already have these boards is to only use those 2 ports until replacements are available which will be April at the earliest, imo, and possibly later than that.  For most of us who had already purchased this setup, this is not acceptable as we use this setup for an htpc and, in my case, I have 6 sata devices and need them all plugged in for my htpc to be usefull.


                        I won't get into my personal beliefs here again, but you can read this thread if you like:



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                          Do you have any particular views on the viability of the  DP43BF board that I am considering? ..................or suggestions or recommendations?


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                            To be perfectly honest, and don't get me wrong as I've always been an Intel user, however, at this time I think you would be best suited by an AM3 motherboard and a AMD Phenom II processor.  They come in dual, triple, quad and six core processors and would keep you secured for the near future, much more than an intel 775 socket and last gen core 2 quad processor.  Not only that, but also Intel is constantly changing their socket types, so it is extremely difficult to keep up with them and keep current.  If you want to upgrade, you can't simply just by a processor, you have to buy a whole new setup, whereas, if you go with the am3 setup, you would be good for the forseeable future.

                            Not only that, for the same money as the intel setup, you get more.  Have a look around.

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                              Are you an AMD fanatic?


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                                I have never built an AMD build, I repeat NEVER, until this Sandy Bridge/Cougarpoint fiasco.


                                Calling me an AMD fanatic is a little out of line.  I wouldn't say that, but rather that I guess I'm becoming more anti-Intel, which is a true shame as a lifelong Intel user.  They screwed up on this one.

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                                  For example, for about $40 less than the setup you propose, you can get this AMD setup.  It's a six-core setup and the board is much more feature-rich than the Intel board.  In general, AMD boards come with more features than Intel's:




                                  But if you must stick with Intel, I would go this route:




                                  It's still a quadcore, it's newer technology and it's about $100 cheaper than the one that you suggest.  Or for around the same price, you could keep that mobo and use this processor:




                                  It is an i7 and also a quadcore.


                                  Have a look around, read reviews and decide which is best for you, but I would stay away from the Core 2 series as it's technology that is twice removed by now.

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                                    Core i3, 15 & i7 core processsors camed out after the Core 2 Quad core processor so it's newer. It's a brand name of several families of core processors using the Nahalem, Westmere, Bloomfield, Gulftown & the newer Sandy Bridge microarchitecture.


                                    Prior to Sandy Bridge released, the Core i7 980X 6 cores Gulftown CPU is the top CPU of its class. With the released of Sandy Bridge Core i7 2600K it was able to take the fastest Gulftown CPU in some game benchmarks. Overall I think, the Core i7 980X remains the fastest CPU in the i family.


                                    With a life expectancy of 1 year, the second generation of Sandy Bridge core processor looks promising. After its launch, it looks like it's going to dominate but then this Sandy Bridge fiasco came out & the CPU is non-usable.


                                    The second generation Sandy Bridge core processor is a failed endeavor for Intel. It's a socket 1155 which gonna get discontinued & will be replaced with a socket 2011 core processor of the same class by the end of the year.


                                    Right now, it's best to continue using that old Core 2 Quad (Q9650) CPU of yours as it's still a capable CPU. It might not be one of the fastest but it's still fast. It's costly to invest on Gulftown as it's life expectancy is numbered much like the second generation Sandy Bridge.


                                    Sandy Bridge would have been a better choice if you wanna upgrade now hence the top CPU of its class is much more affordable compared to Gulftown's top CPU. But then again, there's no way for you to use a Sandy Bridge CPU when you can't find a motherboard for it.

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