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    Missing boot sector on raid array after drive replace



      Hi all,






        I have recently run into an issue when trying to replace a hard drive in our file server.  The drive is Port0 in our array in an Intel D955xbk motherboard which Intel Matrix Storage Console tells me has an Intel 82801GR/GH Sata Raid Controlle.. We currently have a raid5 array with 4 160GB drives in it.  The drive on Port0 has started showing some errors and we have decided to replace it.   Intel's own instructions for such a procedure are located at http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/imsm/sb/cs-021016.htmThe relevant information for us seems to be the following



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      1. Make sure the system is powered off.

      2. Replace the failed hard drive with new hard drive that is of equal or greater capacity.

      3. Power on the system.

      4. After the operating system is running, select the Intel® Matrix Storage Console from the Start Menu or click on the Intel® Matrix Storage Manager tray icon.

      5. Click on the View menu and select Advanced Mode.

      6. Right-click on the non-RAID hard drive in the device tree and select Rebuild to this Hard Drive.


      I get to step 3 and the system fails to boot as it seemsit cant find a boot sector to boot from and I believe on boot the intel raid manager shows Port0 as a non raid volume. 



      Is there another step that I am missing?  Do I need to press CTRL-I to get into the raid utility on boot and set the drive as part of the array?  If I plug the old drive back in the system will boot up no problem.  It is usable for now, but the drive needs to be replaced before total failure.



      Thanks to anyone that can respond.