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    Problems with software restart on DG43GT


      Hello everyone,


      This is my first post here so forgive me if it is not set out correctly.  I have installed a new motherboard DG43GT (replacing an ASUS motherboard) and refitted all the previous component.  The whole system boots and works correctly.  However, whenever any application installs an update and requires a restart, the system powers up but fails to get beyond the initial blue Intel screen.  It hangs there for a long time until I do a forced shutdown.  After that, I restart it and it boots correctly.


      The initial blue screen seems to connected with something called the Intel Management Engine BIOS Extension but I have never come across this before.  I have looked at what it contains but cannot see anything obviously wrong.  Anyway, it runs well enough when powering up from scratch.  I have checked all the BIOS settings and they seem to be correct.  Has anyone any idea what might be causing this very annoying feature and how I fix it?


      I have tried downloading the Intel Integration Assistant software but that hangs also and does not install.


      The system is an HP m8180-uk-a as orginally sold but now with an Intel motherboard and RAM increased to 6 Gb.  The detailed spec is:


      Motherboard:  Intel DG43GT

      CPU:  Intel Q6600 quad core 2.4 GHz

      RAM:  6 Gb DDR2 (part 800, part 667 so all running at 667)

      HDD: Samsung 1Tb SATA

      DVD drive: Samsung SATA

      Graphics card: ASUS with nVidia 8600GT and dedicated 512 Mb RAM

      OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

      Internet Security: Norton 360 ver. 4


      If anyone has any thoughts about what might be causing this problem, I would be very grateful to hear from you.






      Message was edited by: JohnE PS.  Sorry, I should have added that when it hangs after a soft restart, there is a small black box in the bottom right hand corner of the splash screen which displays the number 50.

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          This is a follow up-message for anyone who has a similar problem and who reads this.  I have discovered a solution to the problem but it is unlikely to be one that you would stumble upon by chance.


          I have 4 memory modules, two of which came with the computer originally and the other two were added later.  They come from different manufacturers. I had the 2 x 2 Gb newer modules installed as DIMM 0 Channels A and B and the 2 x 1 Gb older modules installed as DIMM 1 Channels A and B.  I reversed the order so that the older modules were installed as DIMM 0 and the problem disappeared.


          Why it should be that some brands of module are detected differently to others is very odd.


          I hope this might help someone.