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    Introduction of the new subforum


      Hi, guys!

      As the one who proposed this new subforum "exporting external applications on SCC", I would like to welcome everyone who is interested in this topic to participate in this forum.

      Running practical applications on SCC is an essential step to make the SCC research meaningful to the general research community. Then we can analyze the execution of real-world applications on the leading many-core platform. Both porting to RCCE emulator and the actual hardware are interesting studies.

        I am personally more interested in multimedia, graphics and visual applications in real-time systems. But I am also quite willing to check out other real-world applications, small or big. Considering the development stage of most SCC research groups, it suffices to run some basic kernels, and later we will be able to run complex benchmarks and achieve practial results.

        Please feel free to post any information, thoughts or comments in this subforum. I will upload or post my updates regularly.



      Liang Guang  (also linkedin name)

      University of Turku, Finland