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    SSD x25-M 2.5 80gb Drive ISSUE


      The issue im having is that when i power off my laptop, then restart and boot into BIOS the drive is shown and available but if i boot into my 2nd hard drive in the machine and check in the OS, the SSD is not under disk management or anything, along with trying to install windows on the SSD the computer will restart then the SSD will no longer be shown in the BIOS, i don't know exactly what to update, but my computer is an ASUS g51vx-rx05, and from what i can tell it works perfectly okay with the x25-M 2.5 80gb drive, If anyone has anything i can try to fix this issue, please give me your wisdom!.


      Thanks in advance!!

                                        - Nick

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          Hi Nick, would you give us a bit more background?


          Is this an existing laptop with a HDD and you wish to add a SDD?


          When installing a fresh OS, it is recommended that you unplug all storage devices that will not be the primary disk.  I know Vista/W7 sometimes can do strange things where they write boot files to storage drives instead of the primary disk.

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            Alright i have tried just having only the SSD in the laptop and it made no difference, if i have the operation mode in AHCI, the machine will attempt to boot past POST, and it will just restart then it boots through fine but the SSD hdd is not recognized in bios nor in the OS on my original HDD. I'm almost thinking it might be an issue with the SSD needing a firmware upgrade? Good idea to try?? IF so anyone have some kind of tips to get this firmware update without using a CD like using a bootable flash drive?

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              Is there an OS installed on the SSD?  What are you trying to boot on?


              Disk drives won't show up in the BIOS when the storage controller is in RAID or ACHI mode.  You have to check the controller firmware page.         

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                Nick,  Firmware will not help you with this, that is not the problem.


                You really need to tell us how your SSD and HDD are connected to your PC.  Is one in an external enclosure?  Anything connected with a USB cable?  Did you intstall the SSD yourself?  You're just not giving us enough information.