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      Hello, my name is Ryan, new to the community. I have one problem which so far has been beyond my comprehension and apparantly over many others as well.

      The problem.

      Im gettig no sound from my on board sound inputs, and after further investigation my Sounds and Audio devices screen showed me that I dont have any audio device. I immediately think drivers. So i check the drivers and all looks well. Everything is running properly, and DXDIAG revealed that my PC has no sound card attached, as well as it shouldnt, im relying on on board sound. Which then makes me think its my MOBO drivers. And the model happens to be an INTEL D915GRV. AGAIN. Thats D915GRV. So alrighty i go to look on the website for audio drivers for the D915 chipset family. Has all the D915 model drivers. EXCEPT FOR the D915GRV, which leads me to assum the RV is a sub model of the G, which reasonably can be assumed all sub models are compatible with the G model drivers. OK... So i go to download the latest .exe audio driver for the 915 G series. After viewing the readme for the download which states system requirements as follows :

      1.  The system must contain one of the following Intel


           Intel(R) 915G Express Chipset
           Intel(R) 915GV Express Chipset
           Intel(R) 915GL Express Chipset


      2.  The software should be installed on systems with at
          least 256 MB of system memory.


      3.  There should be sufficient hard disk space in the
          <TEMP> directory on the system in order to install
          this software.


          The drivers included with this distribution package
          are designed to function with 32-bit releases of
          Microsoft Windows* XP and Windows* 2000.


      CHECK CHECK CHECK, I have the D915GRV MOBO and 915G chipset, I have 512 MB ram (am updating soon), and i have 116gb free space on :c drive.

      So okay, go to download the driver. Download successful, go to install, INSTALL FAILS, SAYING "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for the installation"



      I have fought this ****** thing for so long, im getting tired.

      If theres another solution for the "No Audio Device" aside from DL the intel driver. Please do enlighten me.


      Thank you