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    Tablet PC external monitor rotation


      Ok so I have a Fujitsu T4220 with the Intel GM965.  When I rotate the display and fold it down to use it as a tablet it switchest from primary landscape to secondary landscape.  This is just the way I want it.  The problem is I teach and when I connect my laptop to a projector or any external source, when I rotate the display and fold it down, the display on the tablet rotates ( like normal) but the external display rotates also.  So im sure the first question is why dont I just rotate the computer display so that the external one is correct and just physically spin the laptop around 180 degrees?  The reason is because of the way the laptop connect to the external projector.  I dont have enough cable to spin the laptop around. 


      So the question is, while in clone mode, how can I rotate the computer display independently of the external display?

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          I think there was a driver update (14.25.50 or later) for your chipset, which enabled independent display rotation.


          Otherwise there may be a entry in the windows registry which is called something like "Display1_EnableIndependentRotation" and has the value set to 0 (00000000x0). Try setting it to 1 (00000000x1). And try to set the value for Display1_IndependentRotation to 1 as well. Save and restart the computer.

          Then right click the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator in the shortcut bar. Go to Graphic options -> Rotation ->  External Display - > Rotate by 180°.


          I hope this helps.