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    SATA AHCI BIOS / ICH8R updates?


      Hi there.


      I have an older machine running SATA with various Intel messages for SATA BIOS at startup, however it’s running rather slow on startup and when booted into one of the two OS’s on different drives the other drive disappears.


      I’ve done various searches online and the general suggestion is to update the firmware for the SATA controller as there seems to be a question about it handling larger drives.


      There's nothing on the manufacturer's site for an upgrade.


      Is this the case? Should I be looking to upgrade the firmware and can I?


      Here's the spec:

      Dell Dimension 9200

      SATA AHCI Intel BIOS v1.02.23

      ICH8R Intel Matrix Storage Manager Option Rom

      Two drives in non-RAID

      250GB - WinXP

      1TB - Win7